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ABC Big Breakfast

This is the  ABC quarterly event to bring together all of the ABC groups for one big networking breakfast.

Speaker for September is Sarah 'Bird' Lucas

Bird’s Bio..

Mumma to 3 extraordinary big people, author, writer, International Speaker, Radio-host/presenter, Podcaster, Businesswoman, Global Woman Influencer and Ironman.  Sarah-Anne…aka ‘Bird’ is the founder of Birdonabike.  All her friends and family call her ‘Bird’ she would love you to do the same.
She lives and breaths supporting YOU to believe in the health of your life.  You see ‘It’s Never About The Fitness’ (her latest book) …health is creating peak performance everyday. By using simple daily tweaks and biohacking, you will have energy like never before. Bird takes where you are at this moment and creates strategies that you can action immediately to build Optimum Health within your environment. Prepare for the nuclear impact on your business, your family and your life.

Bird has found she has a face for radio. She presents a live, hour, weekly radio show called ‘The Conversation’. Look here! Each week sharing the loves and loses, values and beliefs of the most extraordinary guests. It’s just a conversation unveiling the beautiful truth. You will hear the wisdom you need not want others believe you want. This show is then converted into a beautiful Podcast hosted on multiple sites, iTunes or Soundcloud being the most on trend sites. Bird has a magnificent curiosity in you. Why you do what you do as a human and her obsession of watching your patterns of behaviour. 
Business and wealth was not on your radar for why you do what you do….
Family, is the reason you do what you do.. 

Bird’ waking thought, her first breath is “How can I support you to become your children’s inspiration.” Bird is currently writing her next book….“If That’s What You Choose To Believe” holding YOU accountable to be the most important person you know...
See more about 'Bird' just here!


The ABC Big Breakfast;

  • Held in September, November,February and May.
  • Quality speakers
  • Only 100 places.
  • Just £22

The Cornwallis suite in Maidstone is the venue..

Please book here!

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Posted on 25th September, 2017